Primary School

Programme Type: 

  • CCA Coaching

  • 3 coaches provided

  • 2 hours per session

  • 1 session per week

Compassvale Primary School ELDDS is one of the largest CCAs in the school, with over 60 students across 3 separate wings: drama, debate and journalism. We have worked with the school since 2019, to providing specialised coaches for each wing. 

In the drama wing, we strive to develop the students into expressive and confident individuals. As drama encapsulates a variety of emotions and characters, students learn presentation styles that are appropriate for different contexts. Through experiential learning, the students learn the importance of values such as collaboration, teamwork, and empathy in an enjoyable manner. Using Speech and Drama fundamentals, we are also able to teach them skills such as audience engagement and public speaking, that translates into real-world applications.

For the debate wing, we aim to expose students to the fundamentals of critical thinking and expand their perspectives on controversial real-world issues. We train students to think on their feet and to deliver well-reasoned arguments. This is done through a variety of training methods from speech drills to practice debates, allowing students to learn experientially. Our coach will provide targetted feedback to students and guidance for the young debaters to develop to the next level!

In the journalism wing, our focus is to imbue a passion for writing into students. Our trainings revolve around publishing a school newsletter quarterly. This process is led by the students, where they will generate ideas for their piece, conduct interviews to gather information and write a news article on their chosen topic. Our coach acts as a mentor to students, guiding them in their process and frequently conducts "masterclasses" to expose students to useful skills to produce their articles. 

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