Secondary School

Programme Type: 

  • Applied Learning Programme

  • 3 sessions

  • 3 hours per session 

Programme Type: 

  • Debate CCA training 

  • 1 - 2 times weekly 

  • 3 hours per session 

Juying Secondary School has engaged us both for their English Applied Learning Programme and their "Speaker's Club" CCA. 

For the Applied Learning Programme, we designed a debate workshop for students to introduce the students to the basics of perspective thinking and argumentation. Across 3 sessions of workshops, we covered modules such as argument generation, argument development and effective rebuttals. To better cater to the varied needs of students, the curriculum was also tailored to the Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Technical) streams. 

For Juying's Speaker's Club, we mentor the students in improving their skills in both debating and public speaking. Our trainings include speaking drills, content lectures and debates to sharpen the student's speech and thought. Students in the club have since went on to represent the school in both public speaking and debate competitions. 

Here's what students had to say: 

  • The workshop allowed me to get in touch with current affairs and social issues more and learn about the skills of debating. 

  • I enjoyed the activities that the instructor conducted as it was engaging and fun. 

  • I enjoyed how my instructor was very interactive and engaged the whole class with his lesson. 

  • I enjoyed being in the workshop as my instructor was very engaging and there were many activities during the workshop. 

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