Kong Hwa

Programme Type: 

  • Workshop

  • 2 hours per session

  • 6 sessions

We designed and conducted a 6-session workshop for Kong Hwa School introducing students to the basics of debating and public speaking students as part of the English Talent Development Programme. This was a 2-year debate programme; where the P5 students will be introduced to the basics of debating while the P6 students have their potential stretched with advanced debating skills and content.  

Students were taught skills such as perspective thinking, logical reasoning and effective public speaking. Activity time accounted for 50% of the workshop, engaging the students and allowing for more experiential learning. At the end of the workshop, students had the opportunity to debate against their classmates and put their skills to the test!

We have worked with Kong Hwa School since 2019 with debate programme and we are happy to be running the debate programme for the 2nd year!

Here's what the students had to say: 

  • "I really enjoyed myself during the workshop because there were many fun activities."

  • "My instructor was very fun and encouraging. He trained me to speak more confidently and taught me how to argue my points well."

  • "I learnt about how to debate and how I can use these skills in our daily lives."

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