Debate from
your home

Given the uncertainty in the COVID-19 situation locally, we may not be able to have physical tournaments for the time being. However, the upside is that you can debate from the comfort of your home! That means there is no need to wake up early on a weekend morning to travel to the tournament venue (YAY!)

Post Debate Analysis

Ever walked out a debate wondering what better arguments you could have presented? Fret not! After every round, an experienced debater will share with you their thoughts on the motion and the arguments to run on both sides. 

Stellar Adjudication Core

Our core adjudication panel will comprise of the Chief Adjudicator of World Schools Debating Championship 2021, former champions of the World Schools Debating Championship, the former Co-Chief Adjudicator of the Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship 2018 and top debaters internationally.

Workshops for Division 3 schools

We have benefitted from debaters graciously volunteering their time to mentor us and it’s time to give back! There will be 2 sessions of workshops exclusively for Division 3 participants, where experienced debaters will share tips, tricks and techniques that may be useful in your debating journey.