For educators seeking for workshops to engage their students, or a coach to mentor a co-curricular activity, we offer tailor-made programmes that are specially designed to meet the needs of students.
We also provide personal coaching services for students looking for individualised mentorship to sharpen specific skillsets. Trainings can be done in person or online. 
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Debating combines the art of persuasive speech with critical thinking and analysis of arguments. After undergoing debate training, the art of creating cogent, structured, and convincing arguments becomes second nature. As debaters explore exciting current affairs issues, they hone their ability to think on their feet. Challenge yourself in this arena of wits and words!



Public Speaking is one of the most essential 21st century skills. From interviews to presentations, being competent at public speaking will propel you ahead of your competition at some of the most important occasions in your life. Take the first step to securing an advantage and join us to gain mastery of public speaking!



Most people have issues they are passionate about. Yet, few can eloquently pen down their opinions. Being equipped with journalism skills empowers individuals to share about issues they care about and raise awareness so as to bring about social change. Journalism training not only hones writing skills, but also research and interpretive abilities.