"Dialogic" refers to communication characterized by dialogue, but is also a combination of the words "Dialogue" & "Logic". We aim to prepare students to be critical thinkers and confident speakers through the power of effective dialogical education.

At Dialogic Learning Services, we strive to break free from traditional frontal instruction. Instead, we opt for high-quality discussions that groom students to be both eloquent speakers and global-minded citizens.

Our students have always been our priority. As such, our training plans have been carefully crafted and revised to perfection, and with the careful guidance of our team of experienced coaches, students can be reassured that the journey they embark on to be confident speakers with us is one that is progressive, comfortable, and fruitful.




  • Imparting fundamentals, skills & techniques

  • Trainers lead demonstrations & discussions 


  • Imparting fundamentals, skills & technique

  • Trainers lead demonstrations & discussions 


  • Activities for students to explore the skills they learned in a fun & nurturing environment

  • Trainers provide constructive feedback to refine students' skills & techniques 


  • Capstone activity for students to consolidate and apply their learning

  • Trainers encourage students to develop their personal style


  • By challenging themselves and completing the activities, students gain mastery of the skills taught.


Tailored Curriculum

We design our programmes using a modular approach that can be tailored to the needs of students. 

 Hands-On Learning  

Students learn best through experience. That is why activity time takes up more than 50% of our programme. 

Focus on global perspective

We strive to develop students into critical thinkers and problem solvers, ready for the future.

Experienced & Qualified Coaches

Our coaches are masters of their craft and subject matter experts in their specialisations.