Pei Chun
Public School

Programme Type: 

  • Workshop

  • 2 hours per session

  • 3 sessions

We designed and conducted a 3-session workshop for Pei Chun Public School with the aim of improving student's public speaking skills as part of the English Language curricuum. Our workshop covered the essentials of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques with an additional module of interview skills to prepare P6 students for potential DSA interviews. 

Students were put through a series of activities such as role playing, speech drills and mock interviews to put their skills to the test. Our trainers then provided individualised feedback to students on how they can improve, making our training targeted despite the big class size. 

Here's what the students had to say: 

  • "The interesting activities that we played helped us improve our skills in presentations and interviews."

  • "The instructors are engaging and very knowledgeable. The lessons were intersting, especially the acitivities. "

  • "The workshop provided plenty of oppotunities to practice public speaking. The instructors helped me gain confidence for my upcoming Math and Science DSA interview."

  • "It was interesting to learn more about effective communication and interviews. It gave me more confidence to speak."

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