Dialogic Learning Services has been engaging Punggol Secondary School’s ELDDS students in debating since January 2019. The company has a team of dedicated coaches who are able to cater to the needs of our students. Under their guidance, the debate team won all three preliminary rounds of Singapore Secondary Schools Debating Championship 2019, and proceeded to the Quarter Finals. The coaches are debaters themselves thus enabling them to understand and appeal to the hearts and minds of our students. We are very sure that the company will grow from strength to strength and achieve the goals they have set for themselves. 

Ms Anju Babu 

Punggol Secondary School ELDDS

We, at The French International School were lucky to work with Dialogic Learning Services to guide us to win our the Singapore Secondary School Debating Championship (Division 3) in 2019.  Our coach is a dedicated debater, judge and public speaker, with vast knowledge and connections throughout Singapore debating. The training makes students work and think through motions developing skills and confidence.

Ms Eileen McGowne

International French School Debate

My coach has always been incredibly encouraging, kind, and knowledgeable about debate. More than caring about just wins, my coach has always advocated for the learning that comes with every tournament, with winning as an occasional bonus we can enjoy. Having a coach that is so invested in me as a debater and my personal growth under his care, made the experience all the more meaningful to me and further motivated me to put in my best effort. My coach made debate a truly amazing addition to my schooling life.

Pearlyn Wong

Victoria Junior College Debate 

  • Finalist of MOE Intercollegiate Debate Championship

  • Semi-Finalist of NUS Political Association Debate Open 

The workshop was very fun and I learnt a lot from my instructor about public speaking.  There were many opportunities for us to try out public speaking in class through activities and my instructor gave me advice on how to improve. My instructor was also very encouraging and made sure nobody was left out during the activies. Overall, I really enjoyed myself during the workshop and hope to participate again!

Public Speaking Workshop
CHIJ Katong Convent


Debating has taught me to think critically about a wide spectrum of global issues and logically form arguments to voice out my personal thoughts. This was largely thanks to my coach, whose clear instruction and feedback has allowed me to learn from my mistakes. Not to mention, my coach has always brought clarity and understanding to topics that are otherwise complex. I have also learnt to use more effective rhetoric when I speak.

Nikhita Nair

Victoria Junior College Debate 

  • Finalist of MOE Intercollegiate Debate Championship

  • Finalist of Singapore Novice British Parliamentary

  • Finalist of NUS Political Association Debate Open  

  • Finalist of SIM Debate Open

Our debate coach is dedicated and competent, coming up with effective and systematic ways to develop debate skills in students. His debrief sessions offer debaters valuable pointers and insightful feedback to help them make sustained progress.

Mrs Celine Leow

Victoria Junior College Debate

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