Victoria Junior College

Programme Type: 

  • Debate CCA training 

  • 2 times weekly 

  • 3 hours per session 

Victoria Junior College Debate Club is one of the top school-level teams in Singapore, boasting an impressive record of excelling at debate competitions of a wide variety of formats. Our goal is to unlock the potential of every debater in the club, developing them into confident speakers with insightful perspectives about global issues. 

Under our coaching, VJC Debate has done well in many tournaments. Some of these notable achievements include: 

  • 7 Grand Finals appearances since 2018

  • MOE Intercollegiate Debating Championship; Grand-Finalist 2018, Semi-Finalist 2019 with multiple speakers ranked within Top 20 Best Speaker

  • Impressive runs at university-level tournaments with Open Breaks at NTU Debate Championship and NTU Pro-Ams

  • Multiple Top 3 Best Speaker awards

Beyond that, many students who did not have prior debating experience have managed to overcome the steep learning curve and have outshined many experienced debaters with multiple achievements to their name. This is due to our inclusive training philosophy; giving every student a chance to pursue excellence in debating. 

Here's what the students had to say: 

"After years of competitive debating, I am very certain that our coach is one of the best coaches in the Singapore debating circuit, and words cannot express how thankful I am to have been coached by him. Our coach is truly technically brilliant—under him, I've come to appreciate the importance of strategy in debating, which is often overlooked in favour of content and speech. Yet, what I find most striking about our coach is still his unparalleled and genuine care for everyone he coaches. In our moments of self-doubt, our coach always believed in us—nurtured us and never pressurised us—making debate one of the highlights of my JC experience. If not for our coach, we wouldn't have been able to achieve what we did: finalists at 6 national debate competitions!" 

Ma Xueqing (Debater, VJC Debate Club) 

  • MOE Intergcolligate Debating Championship; Grand-Finalist 2018, Semi-Finalist 2019

  • Singapore Novice BPs; Finalist 2018

  • NUS Political Association Debate Championship; Semi-Finalist 2018, Finalist 2019

  • SIM Debate Open; Novice Finalist 2018

  • Multiple Best Speaker awards

Here's what the teacher had to say: 

"Our debate coach is dedicated and competent, coming up with effective and systematic ways to develop debate skills in students. His debrief sessions offer debaters valuable pointers and insightful feedback to help them make sustained progress."


- Mrs Celine Leow (Teacher-In-Charge, Victoria Junior College Debate Club)

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